How are NOMOS watches adjusted?

Fine adjustment regulation (something that few manufacturers offer at all) ensures the greatest possible accuracy. Before leaving NOMOS Glashütte, all watches are thoroughly put through their paces—the NOMOS controllers spend several days testing them in six different positions to ensure each eye is working correctly. NOMOS Glashütte uses three different regulation systems: the Triovis exemplary adjustment system, the DUW adjustment with the NOMOS swing system, and the swan neck fine adjustment found in our gold models, Lux and Lambda.

What is the NOMOS swing system?

The swing system, also known as the escapement, assortment, or reglage, is the heart of a mechanical watch and comprises the balance, balance spring, pallet wheel, and pallet. It sets the pace and ensures that the watch ticks accurately. It is a declaration of independence for NOMOS Glashütte to produce its swing system and a work of considerable watchmaking skill.

Can I have the NOMOS swing system built into my watch at a later date?

The Nivarox escapement—which we have previously used in all our watches and are still using in some of them—is of excellent quality, ensuring outstanding accuracy. For this reason, we do not offer the option to exchange this escapement for the new NOMOS swing system; this also applies during servicing.

How exactly is my watch?

The accuracy of NOMOS watches closely approximates the performance criteria for clocks tested by ISO 3159. Accuracy depends on several factors, such as when the watch was last wound and how it is placed overnight—even temperature can play a role. The Swiss inspection authority COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres), which carries out chronometer tests and issues certificates of quality, also expressly states that its figures do not give any indication of how the watch behaves when it is worn—the tests only track the watch movement, not the whole look, under laboratory conditions. Generally, NOMOS watches can achieve an accuracy of fewer than 10 seconds deviation per day. Our timepieces are subject to rigorous performance and quality tests before shipping.

Can I swim or shower with my watch?

Particularly water-resistant watches have this feature noted on their case backs. If your NOMOS watch has an additional 30 atm or 20 atm on its back, then you can go diving with it according to the DIN standard. The description 10 atm reveals that your watch is suitable for swimming and snorkeling; 5 atm means you can shower with your eye on it. All other NOMOS watches are protected to 3 atm and generally prefer to stay dry; they are splashproof, so wearing them while washing your hands will not cause any problems, but you should take them off before a dip in the pool. It is recommended to have the water-resistance of a mechanical watch checked once a year by a retailer. It only takes a moment.
Please note: The three models, Ahoi, Tangente Sport, and Club Sport, come with a screw-drown crown. Please remember to screw the crown back in after use—this is the only way to ensure your watch stays water-resistant. To do so, gently push down the crown in its default position and turn it clockwise until you feel significant resistance. The height should never be wound while underwater.

Can my steel watch also be equipped with a sapphire crystal case back?

Every NOMOS watch except Tetra 27 can be refitted with a sapphire crystal case. We’ll be happy to send you an offer upon request.

I have a watch winder. What is the best setting for my NOMOS watch?

The best setting is 650 turns per day with alternating rotation direction.

What happens when my watch becomes magnetized?

There are many magnetic fields in our everyday environment—including anywhere electricity is present, such as close to personal electronic devices. Unfortunately, these magnetic fields can have a negative

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